Diatone Mini Naze32 Flight Controller


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Mini Naze32 flight control is designed for enthusiasts across the machine's most cost-effective flight control open source, which supports the current international mainstream Cleanflight and Baseflight internet. We use high-quality components, high-precision SMT placement process, this sophisticated lightweight design, superior performance, allowing you to enjoy the flight and have fun.

32-bit ARM microprocessor, operating at 3.3V/72MHZ.
Incidental gyroscope, compass.
Support manual mode, horizontal mode, there is the first mode, headless mode.
Support for three, four, six-axis multiple multi-axis configurations.
A firmware upgrade and adjust parameters via Micro-USB.
Scheduling interface has Baseflight-Configuration and Cleanflight-Configuration.
Low voltage moniter and alarm

Supported RC input: standard signal, CPPM (PPM SUM) signal.
Size: 16mm*32mm*7mm
Weight: About 3.5g

Package included:
DIATONE Mini Naze32 *1
RC-IN cable *1
Motor Output cable *1

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