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I love the RC Plane and Multi-Rotor hobby! I also like experimenting with different designs. However with multi-rotors I could not easily do that. I thought the body shape and sizes along with motor angles and landing gear height should all be flexible to build a Multi-Rotor more suitable to my needs or creative desire. Why settle on someone else's designs. So I designed and now am selling the components to do just that, along with some of my favorite Frame Kits that I have designed and flown for some time. I call them QuadLugs (patent pending) - I have had a great time developing the QuadLugs series and far more satisfaction in building and flying my own designs and conventional designs. From Quads to Tri-Copters to H-Copters and on, your imagination is the limit. My biggest hope is that QuadLugs will excite your creativity and let you build your next Multi-Rotor with a new and rewarding experience, to specs that you determine. I really look forward to seeing all the designs yet to be created. All plastic and nylon components (and the molds to produce them) are produced and made in the USA, I am very proud of that. I truly hope QuadLugs can be a part of your next build and bringing to realization your creative designs. As far as me, I'm just getting started, many more Lugs are on the way in the near future.


Please visit us on Youtube at Quad Lugs - for upcoming build videos of some of my Multi-Rotor designs and flights


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