Lugs and Screws Only (1/2" x 1/2" wood series)


       Remember To Please Choose Color

These are the components to give you that new Multi-Rotor experience. With QuadLugs you can build your own designs or build conventional designs. Finally you can build to your needs. With the Motor Arm Lugs you can set the motor arm angles in 15 degree increments, giving you the ability to experiment or use conventional motor degree angles. Now you can change them to meet your requirements in a minute or two. The Motor Arm Lugs are made of Reinforced Nylon, super strong. They come in black currently with other colors in the works. Our other Lugs - Corner Lugs - Body Support Lugs - Foot Lugs - Motor Mount Lugs - are made of ABS, also very tuff and are available in  - white - red - yellow - purple - with more in the works. The colors can add to your custom look and aid in orientation.  Designed for our 1/2" x 1/2" wood series. Other frame materials and sizes are also in the works.


Patent Pending



  • 4ea. - Motor Arm lugs
  • 4 ea. - Foot lugs
  • 4 ea. - Corner Lugs
  • 4 ea. - Motor Mount Lugs
  • 8 ea. - Body Support Lugs
  • Lug screws
  • 1ea -  battery mount    
  • 1ea - 1/2" Velcro strap
  • KK2 holder with receiver pad  

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