The new Multi-Rotor experience


 The unique design of QuadLugs will truly assist you in creating a Multi-Rotor that will fit your needs and requirements as well as building conventional Multi-Rotor craft. The Motor Arm Lugs (patent pending) connect the body framing to the motor arms and as well furnish a receptor for the landing gear. The Motor Arm Lugs also gives the ability to configure the motor arm angles, in 15 degree increments, to achieve  all the conventional set ups as well as your creative own. Not only can you build the multi-rotor of your choice, but finally you will have the ability to disassemble it and re-build it into another. The Motor Arm Lugs are made of reinforced Nylon. Very strong and durable. Our other Lugs - 90 Degree Corner Lugs - Foot Lugs - Body Support Lugs - Motor Mount Lugs - are made of ABS. I am proud to say that all the plastic injection and molds are being manufactured in the USA. The Motor Arm Lugs are being furnish in one color - Black - at this time - with more colors to be available in the future. The remaining Lugs are being furnished in - Red - White - Yellow - Purple - with more in the works. This really helps in customizing your multi-rotor and orientation. Our Wood Series Kits are furnish with basswood for the motor arms, body framing, landing gear and flat sheets (pan and deck). Other sizes and materials are in the works. Now you will have no limits on what you can design and build. Please enjoy and share your designs and builds with us. I hope you have as much enjoyment with QuadLugs as I have had and continue to have. Please visit our YouTube site Quad Lugs for upcoming Frame Kit build videos, flight videos and more in depth QuadLugs discussions. This is just the beginning, Be Creative

 QuadLugs are also great for Universities and Research Institutions to build the Multi-Rotor Platforms that are suited for the task at hand. Multi-Rotor's can be designed and then constructed very quickly, with the ability to reuse the Lugs in other upcoming projects. Our Motor Arm Lugs and Adjustable Motor Mount Lugs give a unique ability to the designer to have multiple motor arm degree angles and motor mount degree angles. Truly Unique.   


Danny Choate 





Patent Pending